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10 of the Best Art Instagram Accounts Every Art Lover Should Be Following

30/05/2019 13:26

10 of the Best Art Instagram Accounts Every Art Lover Should Be Following

If you’re looking to keep up with modern art trends or dream of selling your work, we’ll let you in on a little secret that's easily accessed via your smartphone. Instagram is one of the best places to find the art world’s movers-and-shakers. It’s also one of the fastest-growing social networks for contemporary art and its creators. If you’re curious about this platform or would like to know which profiles you should connect with, here’s 10 of the best art Instagram accounts every art lover should be following.

The Met

Presenting 5,000 years of art from every corner of the globe, The Met Museum is a New York venue and outright Instagram hit. Founded in 1870 with a purpose to showcase significant works of fine art, follow this popular page, @MetMuseum and join over 3 million other art fans.

Sophie Tea

Sophie Tea is a talented artist who originates from Manchester and at just 26 she’s an online sensation with her vibrant abstract art. Selling her acrylic pourings and colourful creations via her Instagram handle, @SophieTeaArt enjoys 60,000 followers and is set to turn over £1million this year.

Henry Hudson

British artist, Henry Hudson uses Instagram as a digital canvas and he’s also known for using clay as his medium when it comes to texture in paintings. In his latest work, the artist’s focus is on the seven deadly sins. Follow his Instagram handle, @HenryHudson_bk, to see dystopian pieces soon.


Defining the world of contemporary art since 1962, @Artforum is an essential account to follow for any art lover. With regular updates to keep you informed of all of the art world goings-on, the profile enjoys 1 million followers and a best-selling art magazine.


Not on Facebook or on Twitter, Banksy is ever the elusive artist. He does, however, have an Instagram account under the handle of simply @Banksy. A top influencer of our time with 6 million followers, Banksy enjoys international fame and as rumour would have it many believe he is also Bristol resident, Robin Gunningham.

Jerry Saltz

@JerrySaltz is a senior art critic and columnist for New York magazine. He’s also a frequent poster with multiple updates appearing on his Instagram every day. If you’re one of Jerry’s 300,000 followers who wait to hit like on one of his posts, he’s also soon to release a book, How To Be An Artist, due out March 2020.


Tate Modern is a contemporary gallery located in central London and it’s actually one of the largest museums of modern art in the world. Follow @Tate on Instagram for exclusive access to goings-on and exhibitions. This also includes the brand’s lesser-known galleries in Liverpool and St.Ives.

Brett Gorvy

If you love the arts, it’s only natural to want to communicate everything about it which is why Brett Gorvy posts every day to his 125,000 followers. A British art dealer and former director at Christie’s auction company, @BrettGorvy was there when David Hockney became the world’s most expensive living artist.

White Cube

One of the world's leading galleries of contemporary art, White Cube has spaces in London and Hong Kong. Here you will find work by the likes of Ackerman, Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst. The galleries Instagram account offers nothing less than a kaleidoscope of colourful shows. Follow their handle @WhiteCube for dates that should be in every art lover’s calendar.

The Art Shop Skipton of Course!

Last and by no means least, is Yorkshire’s No.1 for art supplies. The Art Shop Skipton and also the place, to brush up on your artistic knowledge. Visit our Instagram page for our latest news and deals on leading brands. Follow our handle here, @theartshopskipton and we’ll make sure to follow your page right back! Thank you for reading.

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