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5 Things You Need to Do When Taking up Calligraphy

28/03/2019 11:36

5 Things You Need to Do When Taking up Calligraphy

Since the beginning of time, all species have perfected some form of communication and when calligraphy became known during the 7th century it was viewed as a decorative way to present writing. Initially introduced via Chinese manuscripts, calligraphy was then popularized by the Romans. It’s also still as rewarding as it was back then, resulting in one-of-a-kind scripture. If you are curious to learn more about this skill, we would love to help get you started. So read on for five things you need to do when taking up calligraphy…

Find The Right Calligraphy Supplies

First and foremost, let’s get you equipped to begin your calligraphy journey and at The Art Shop Skipton, we have all the essentials to develop your writing skills further. We also know that it can be quite hard deciphering one tool from the next, so our resident calligraphers have made things easy with this Beginners Kit and Manual.

Start With The Basics

Now that you’re prepped with the tools, let’s start with the basics although it may seem pretty obvious. In calligraphy, this is known as ‘the strokes’ and what letters are always made up of. Basic strokes are the foundation of this magnificent penmanship and they usually begin with an entrance stroke, a thin upstroke with light pressure.

Get Your Pen On Point

When it comes to perfecting your calligraphy strokes it’s key to get your form just right. Because a dip pen is actually different from holding an everyday ordinary pen. Start with a relaxed grip and a slight bend to your index finger. The pen should also be supported, not controlled, by your thumb, index, and middle fingers. Keeping hold of your pen make sure the tip points towards the top of your paper then keep upstrokes light and downstrokes heavy for thick and thin variation.

Practice Makes Calligraphy Perfect

We wish there was a magic potion that would make us really great at calligraphy but unfortunately, this wizardry only occurs with a good pen and lots of practice. Now that you’ve got the kit and you're ready to take your writing to the next level, the next step is practice, practice and oh - don’t forget lot’s more practice!

Get To Grips With Social Media

Currently, there are over three billion users active on social media so why not take advantage of this and start making some new connections? Instagram is great for honing your skills by following related hashtags. And if you see something you like, drop that person a message to immerse in the calligraphy community!

We very much hope you’ve enjoyed our post about this addictive craft. If you’re inspired to start and would like some pointers our team are always happy to help. If we could share one last tip it would be to never compare yourself to other lettering artists. Because you are you and your calligraphy style is exclusively yours alone. Thank you for reading.

5 Things You Need to Do When Taking up Calligraphy

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