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7 Art Studio Hacks Every Artist Should Know About

20/06/2019 15:26

7 Art Studio Hacks Every Artist Should Know About

Every industry has its own tips and tricks and the art world is no exception because even artists look for novelty methods and ways to increase production. Whether you’d like a more organised space to work or want to get better at drawing from life, read on this week as we explore 7 brilliant art studio hacks.

Chalkboard Paint Is Great For Notes

If you find you’re often writing lists or notes that disappear, maybe scraps of paper just aren’t enough, you might need something more effective. Incapable of being misplaced, chalk paint will act as your new best friend. Simply paint on jars or on the wall and keep track of supplies and memos.

A Grid Can Assist With Your Proportions

If you’re a figurative, objective or landscape drawer a proportional grid will help. Simply place a grid over your reference photo and sketch a proportional grid on your canvas. The idea here is to try and match each section of the grid on your photo to that of your painting. Remember, however, to consider the painting as a whole rather than just relying on the segments themselves.

It Pays To Be Artful With Studio Storage

A tidy space is a tidy mind and the key to productivity because inspiration may not come if you’re working in a cluttered mess. Thankfully we have some products to get you sorted with studio storage and these include art toolbox caddies and storage racks for work. If you look around the home you will also find plenty more ideas for studio storage. For instance, baby food jars work great for paint or use an old mug tree for hanging scissors.

Progress Photos Can Help

Monitor the progress of your paintings by taking photos every step of the way. Not only will it provide some valuable insight but it can even improve your painting skills as a whole. It’s, therefore, great for development and to keep a record of your painting ability. Take this incredible article from Bored Panda for example - wow and just wow.

An ‘Art Cart’ Is Best For Storing Work

Wooden racks are great depending on your space for storing completed paintings. This one, in particular, is of fantastic value, easy to set up and well made. Not only will this beechwood rack keep your studio neat and tidy but it also folds up to take to shows to display and sell your art.

Try Looking At Work In A Mirror

One idea to give you a different perspective when working on a drawing or painting is to keep a mirror in your studio which will allow you to see the image in reverse. In doing so this will help you to look at the composition and its values. It also offers a fresh viewpoint on your subject and helps you judge the choices you've made in creating it.

High-Quality Art Supplies Make A Great Investment

There is quite a big difference between poor quality paint brushes and their more expensive counterparts. This is in relation to the handling of different paints, poor quality does not hold much medium at all. So our advice to you if you’re looking to create some seriously superb art is to invest in a few high-quality brushes and learn how to take care of them.

Thank you for taking the time to read our latest art blog post and if you have found it useful, why not share with your followers on social media? Don’t forget also that our Skipton store is reopening in the very near future and we hope that you’ll pop along to view a great selection of new art tools. Happy creating!

7 Art Studio Hacks Every Artist Should Know About.

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