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What are Water Mixable Oil Colours?

03/06/2019 13:47

What are Water Mixable Oil Colours?

If you like the idea of painting with oils but are put off by cleaning solvents, water mixable oil colours are the answer over the traditional version. But what’s the catch we here you say if it sounds too good to be true? Read on for more about this medium and why it is a great alternative.

Water Mixable Oil Colours in Brief

We’ve come to learn that oils and water are definitely not a good combo but actually thanks to recent developments anything is possible. This new technology acts in a similar way to traditional oil paints except you don’t need solvents to clean up tools, they can be cleaned with soap and water. This ease of use is certainly tempting for organic artisanals. There’s also no toxins involved, only soft blends of buttery, buoyant oil colours.

Are They The Real Deal?

Water mixable oil colours are mixable with water but they’re not actually water-based. They can also be mixed and applied using the same technique as you would with conventional oils. When wet they are even removed from brushes and palettes using soap and water but to answer the question, yes they are real and just like traditional oils.

Preparing a Surface for Water-Mixable Oil Colours

Water mixable oil colours can be used on a number of primed surfaces. They should be free of grease and absorbent and prepped with a universal primer. Untreated surfaces can also be used such as paper, wood and canvas. Just be sure to prime your surface with Gesso so it can accept this type of paint.

What Mediums can be used with Water-Mixable Oil Colours?

If you’re new to art then you might be confused by the term ‘medium’ but this is simply to describe different paint types such as watercolour, acrylic and oil. In this context, however, the term ‘medium’ is to describe the substances that we can add to oils. Elements we can add to change the flow, consistency and also transparency. One other benefit of using mediums is that the paint stays wetter for longer. So instead of turps try Linseed Oil to modify the fat content of your paint.

Winsor & Newton, Cobra and Daler Rowney Water Mixable Oil Colours

At The Art Shop Skipton, we offer a range of water mixable oil colours. This includes brands such as Winsor & Newton, Cobra and also Daler Rowney. Straight from the tube, Cobra oils are thick and easily workable. They’re also highly pigmented in a rainbow of 70 colours so a little does go a long way. This is also the case for Winsor & Newton and their spectrum of 40 hues. Alternatively, Daler Rowney offers a version that is great for a classroom environment.

So there we have it now you’re clued up on water mixable oil colours and if you’d like to stock your studio with some, you’ll find what you need on our digital shelves. We also can’t wait for a busy July, when our Newmarket Street store re-opens and we showcase alongside some big art names at Patchings Art Festival 2019 - hope to see you there!

At The Art Shop Skipton, we have a great range of water mixable oil colours.


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