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8 Superior Art Brands Stocked at The Art Shop Skipton

16/05/2019 11:09

8 Superior Art Brands Stocked at The Art Shop Skipton

At The Art Shop Skipton, we present a range of delightful art supplies. From artist’s paints to professional sets, all are easy to order online. So if you’re an individual that just loves to create, you’ll find what you need right here. Here are 8 superior art brands stocked at The Art Shop Skipton.

Faber-Castell Art Supplies

Artists and illustrators rejoice as we have got all your drawing needs covered! Stocking a range of Faber-Castell products, you can be sure of sketching harmony. The brand is actually one of the oldest manufacturers of premium art supplies. Browse our online shelves for Faber-Castell from Watercolour Markers to Artist Pens.

Winsor & Newton

For us, it’s clear that Winsor & Newton are a core art brand and their acrylics and oils by far outsell any others in the UK. A reliable name with royal links, Winsor & Newton have built a reputation on quality - why not read our previous post for more about their art supplies?

Daler Rowney

Daler Rowney is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of art materials. In fact, they were the first in Europe to introduce artists' acrylic colour. Offering an accomplished range of fine art supplies from Travels Sets to Aquafine Gouache, the brand meets the needs of both professionals and art hobbyists alike.

Loxley Art Supplies

Most oil and acrylic paints these days are applied directly to canvas so Loxley has created a superior range of hand-made supports for painting. Ideal for whatever project you decide to take on during your artist journey, as well as superb canvases Loxley also make Studio Easels too.

Conté à Paris

Conté à Paris is the brainchild of Nicolas Jacques Conté. A painter and inventor, he also created the pencil during a wartime lack of graphite. By mixing the material with clay, Conté made it possible to create different hardness grades for pencils and it’s just one of the reasons this French art brand continues to be loved worldwide.

Pebeo (Mixed Media)

Pebeo offers creative freedom through its appealing Mixed Media range. Breaking the boundaries of tradition, the series can be used to achieve a variety of enchanting finishes. Take this Modelling Paste, for instance, to add crackling-like texture to paintings. There’s also a Gift Set that’s perfect for any beginners who yearn to create one-of-a-kind art.

Unison Colour

Unison Colour is a manufacturer of pastels based in Northumberland. With a passion for colour, as the name implies, the pastels are still made to their original method. The result is vibrant hues with pastels retaining a wonderfully soft consistency. This makes them loved by professional and amateur artists, especially the Unison Soft Pastel Set.

Derwent Art Supplies

Last but not least is Derwent who has mastered the creation of pencils and their range spans from the first colouring tool to the highest professional quality supplies. Manufacturing from their base in Cumbria, skill is threaded through every one of Derwent’s products so why not browse our range to ensure your creations are ‘Drawn to Perfection.’

We hope you’ve enjoyed this latest post exploring our fine art brands. When we’re not busy sourcing the finest materials, we also love trialling them too. It’s this first-hand experience and knowledge of products that keep us one step ahead of the curve so for more information, advice and resources please contact our passionate team.

For more product information, advice and resources please contact our passionate team.

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