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Conté Pastel Pencils

15/09/2020 11:51


Time Honoured Experience

When painter and inventor Nicolas Jacques Conté  set up his first pencil factory in France in 1795, we wonder if he could have ever envisioned his company becoming one of the worlds oldest and most celebrated art manufacturers.

Conté à Paris has had a place in countless artists hearts for generations; and with such high quality products it’s not difficult to see why.

And here at The Art Shop Skipton we are proud to continue to supply today’s artist with Conté à Paris, as we now stock their superb Pastel Pencil range.

Unparalleled Quality

These French made Pastel Pencils have a unique feel and give an unparalleled high level of quality rarely found in other pastel pencil ranges.

Gorgeous lacquered round barrels of wood encase 5mm pastel leads, made using artist’s grade pigments. These leads benefit from being slightly harder to improve precision and smoothness, yet still maintain enough softness of pastel that is so important for creating expression.


Add More Detail

Conté Pastel Pencils are fantastically versatile but they really come into their own when you want to add more detail on small and medium sized projects. They work as a perfect accompaniment to soft pastels, as the slightly different textures complement each other exquisitely, one doing the large areas and the other taking on the more detailed duties.


Achieve Amazing Colours

Another tip is to use these pastel pencils as pure colour side by side, in a patchwork fashion, instead of layering them as you would with soft pastels. This technique ensures the shades are not weakened and the exquisite colours achieve there full potential.


A Fantastic Array Of Colours

There is a huge spectrum of 48 vibrant colours available in the range, all available individually. With such a extensive choice of colours you can be sure to find and pick out the perfect tones you need for your next masterpiece.


Bring Your Pastel Work To Life

Used by top masters, amateur artists and art students alike, we can’t recommend these pastel pencils enough. And The Art Shop Skipton are now excited to be stocking the full Conté à Paris Pastel Pencil range at fantastic prices. Click the link below to discover the exciting colours and high quality pencils that will bring your pastel artwork to life.


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