8 Brand New Winton Oil Colours

For a while now Winsor & Newton’s Winton Oil Colour has been a firm favourite for many of the artists that visit us at The Art Shop Skipton. And with it’s quality and affordability it’s not hard to see why this oil paint has remained popular year after year.

And now The Art Shop Skipton is excited to announce that we will be stocking 8 brand new colours just released by the legendary company.


Newly added to the extensive range are the beautiful colours of Cadmium Scarlet Hue, Quinacridone Deep Pink, Dioxazine Blue, Phthalo Yellow Green, Azo Yellow Green, Phthalo Deep Green, Dark Verdigris and Azo Brown. 

These gorgeous and bright Winton Oils are fantastic for general use, artists who need large quantities of colour and also for those studying and learning oil painting techniques.


Offering dependable quality, a pigment load that’s much higher than many artists’ ranges, a uniform consistency and the most permanent pigments the Winton Oil range is a must have for any artists toolkit and is the go-to oil paint time and time again.