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Pebeo 4Artist Markers with Jenny Muncaster

04/10/2016 08:00

Artist Jenny Muncaster shows us how to create a simple yet effective piece of art using the Pebeo 4Artist Markers.

What you'll need...

Pebeo 4Artist Markers
Black Gesso
Canvas Board or Canvas Paper

- Apply the Black Gesso on to your chosen surface, one thin coat is all that is required. Wait until dry, speed up the drying process by applying heat. e.g hair drier.

- Taking the 15mm Gold Chisel, use the edge of the nib to create a stem and then drag and pull outwards to create leaves.

- Next taking the 4mm Copper again draw the stems of the plant. Then for the seed heads press the nib onto the surface to release the colour, do this repeatedly in the desired area.

- Now take the 15mm Silver and draw more stems with the nib at a slight angle, then use the flat end of the chisel tip and print in a circular motion to create the flowers.

- Finally take the 4mm White and again draw the plant stems and seed heads.To finish take the 15mm White and use a flicking motion around the seed heads for extra effect.

Finish with Resin...

Give your artwork a fantastic glass like finish using the Pebeo Glazing Resin. The Resin comes in a two part solution with everything you need in the box. Simply mix the resin and hardener together in the measurements provided, then apply the self leveling resin on top of your surface. Leave 24-48 hours to completely dry.

More about the Artist...

Jenny Muncaster graduated from Winchester School of Art in 1988. She works from The Colour Factory Studios and Gallery in Winchester, which she set up in 1994.

Jenny’s paintings are exhibited and sold in galleries nationally.Her unique food and wine paintings are featured nationally across Hotel du Vin while collections of her larger scale works hang in 5* hotels worldwide ; including The Shard, The Four Seasons and Intercontinental Hotels.

She works on canvas or gesso board in acrylics combining colour and technique to produce vibrant, energetic, lively paintings. Her work includes memories of summertime with windows onto the English coast, special bottles of wine and favourite ingredients for the preparation of wonderful dishes.

You can find Jenny demonstrating a wide range of Pebeo products at one of our many events throughout the year and she also offers workshops for larger groups at her studio in Winchester.

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