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Pebeo Mixed Media Portrait with Jenny Muncaster

28/09/2016 08:00

Artist Jenny Muncaster, step by step on how to create simple yet effective art using the Pebeo Mixed Media range of products.

Mixed Media Portrait, What you'll need...

Canvas Board
Vitrail Glass Paint
Fantasy Moon & Prisme
Vitrail Glitter Medium
4Artist Markers
Odourless Mineral Spirit

- Take some Vitrail Yellow and roughly mark out three flower heads, cover the rest of the board using the same Vitrail

- Next taking the Fantasy Moon Turquoise, drizzle the paint around the flower head outlines. Then brush out the paint to combine the two colours and create the pearlescent effect

- Wash your brush using the Odourless Mineral Spirit then take the Vitrail Red and add colour to the flower heads. Then using the flat end of the brush gently add the petals of the flower.

- Next take the Fantasy Prisme Eggshell White and again using the flat end of the brush gently add the white on top of the red to create contrast. To make this easier, decant some of the Eggshell White onto a palette or canvas board for easier application onto the brush.

- Again clean your brush with the Odourless Mineral Spirit, a good tip is to use a j cloth to wipe the brush clean of the Mineral Spirit once the colour is removed

- Take the Vitrail Emerald and paint the flower stems and leaves then clean your brush again and wipe down with cloth. Now take the Fantasy Prisme Emerald and drizzle on top of the leaves and stems for added effect. The effect will slowly develop over the next few minutes. You can use your brush to further blend and manipulate for desired effect on the leaves

- For further added effect, use the Vitrail Glitter Medium with Pipette and drop wherever desired.

- Once the paint has dried you can then use the 4Artist Markers to add extra effects and details, Jenny recommends 4mm Blue, Copper, Green, Red, Pink and White for this particular portrait but you can add whatever you prefer!

- Using the markers add details to the leaves, stems and petals. Another top tip is to flick the paint from the markers onto and around the petals for nice effect.

- And there you have it, a complete Mixed Media Portrait. Remember it doesnt matter if you drip the paint in the 'wrong' place because any accident can add to and create new suprising effects, you can't go wrong. The paint will continue to develop and the effects change as your painting dries!

More about the Artist...

Jenny Muncaster graduated from Winchester School of Art in 1988. She works from The Colour Factory Studios and Gallery in Winchester, which she set up in 1994.

Jenny’s paintings are exhibited and sold in galleries nationally.Her unique food and wine paintings are featured nationally across Hotel du Vin while collections of her larger scale works hang in 5* hotels worldwide ; including The Shard, The Four Seasons and Intercontinental Hotels.

She works on canvas or gesso board in acrylics combining colour and technique to produce vibrant, energetic, lively paintings. Her work includes memories of summertime with windows onto the English coast, special bottles of wine and favourite ingredients for the preparation of wonderful dishes.

You can find Jenny demonstrating a wide range of Pebeo products at one of our many events throughout the year and she also offers workshops for larger groups at her studio in Winchester.

Website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

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Hello Irene,

Many thanks for your comment and glad you like the painting!

Kind Regards

The Art Shop Skipton

Fab paintings. I will pass the info round to our members at Hipperholme & Lightcliffe Art Society.


Irene Scott

Hello Jenni,

We have three shows left this year where we will be demonstrating Pebeo products: Glasgow, Birmingham & London.

To view the dates and more info for these shows go to our 'Events' section, there is a link at the top of the page.

Hope this helps!

The Art Shop Skipton

I luv jenni muncaster art. Also can u let me know when you have pebeo demonstrations at craft shows around the country jenni

Jenni scott