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Thanks For Being Patient...

12/04/2020 12:53

As we are all aware these are unprecedented times. 

Unfortunately, due to the complications surrounding this period, we are experiencing a few more issues than normal that we are trying our best to deal with.

With countless people staying home, many are reaching for their sketchbooks and paintbrushes and using this time to get creative and stave off the cabin fever.

We are therefore receiving a much larger number of online orders (especially now that our Skipton store is temporarily closed) and we are trying our hardest to get all orders to our customer on time.

Also with many factories slowing down or even temporarily stopping production we are also experiencing much larger number of stock shortages than usual and deliveries to our warehouse are often taking longer than they usually do. 

This disruption is only temporary and as we all adjust to the new normal we will do our very best to provide our customers with all the art materials we can throughout these tricky times.

We would like to thank all our customers for their patience during this period and hope everyone is safe and well.

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