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Our Top Seven Illustrations From Inktober 2015

30/10/2015 15:02

Inktober is a yearly challenge to produce one ink illustration a day for the whole of October.

We picked our favourite work so far and spotlight some of our best drawing pens.

Peter De Seve 

Acclaimed illustrator and artist Peter De Seve produced this charming illustration for part of this year’s Inktober, depicting a portly gentleman roughhousing a diminutive chap with a large nose. Peter explained that he started this picture at the big man’s nose and moved on from there! We love the expressive style and sharp, angular lines that make up the image, reminiscent of children’s literature favourite Quentin Blake.

Emerson Tung

Conceptual artist for id Software, Emerson Tung produced this impressively detailed illustration of a mechanical, Transformers style robot brandishing an imposing looking mini­gun. We were impressed by the level of intricacy, as well as the imaginative character from Tung.

Sanford Greene

Sanford Green is an artist for Marvel, DC Comics, SEGA, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Warner Brothers, among other big names. He produced this wonderfully lucid image of American presidents as part of Inktober. We chose this image because of the impressive likeness, and the great looking beard.

Elsa Chang

Elsa Chang is a Character Designer at DreamWorks with previous creative jobs at Nickelodeon, Paramount and Walt Disney! We chose this image because of the great use of greyscale paints to compliment the realistic yet cartoon lines. The motorcycle looks as if it could charge out of the page in a burst of grey smoke.

Kekai Kotaki

We chose this fantasy illustration from Kekai Kotaki, a freelance concept artist and illustrator from Seattle. The asian influenced illustration blends elegantly with the imaginative image to create a stunning portrait of a Bison warlord.

Claire Hummel

Claire Hummel is an Production Designer at HBO and took part in this year’s Inktober. We loved this smattering of komodo dragons she drew on her trip to the zoo. The great natural shapes and biological accuracy is really impressive, not to mention those fierce looking claws.

Lissa Treiman 

We picked this excellent effort created by Disney story artist Lissa Treiman. A fresh twist on the Inktober movement, we loved this simple one page story and expressive, cartoonish style.

Feeling Inspired?

Has this collection of beautiful ink work got you itching to pick up a pen and start preparing for next Inktober? Us too.

If you want to replicate the elegant lines of these illustrations you’ll need a good quality drawing pen. Our Uni Pin Drawing Set flow exceptionally well and have an impressive water resistance – even if water is spilt on the page after you’ve finished! These drawing pens compliment a large selection of different paper types for clear, clean work.

If you’re looking to add some colour to your illustration, our Derwent Graphik Line Painter Pens will do the trick. Available in 20 different colours, this range features a 0.5 Japan nib for reliable, fluid paint lines.

If you want to add some shading or shadow to your illustration, Letraset markers are a excellent way of producing blended shading to add some depth to your piece. Or, if you’re thinking of drawing something mechanical, our Letraset Metallic Markers will help you create a luminous, shiny car bonnets or shimmering silver and gold medals.

Need more ink? Take a look at our comprehensive review of our drawing ink range here!

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