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Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolours

21/10/2020 13:24


The Iconic Watercolour

When you think of watercolour one name almost always springs to mind, the iconic Winsor and Newton

For over 180 years the world famous company has built a reputation around producing high quality art products. And it can safely be said that much of that reputation, has grown from their outstanding range of professional watercolours.

In 1835, William Winsor and Henry Newton changed outdoor painting forever by inventing the world’s first moist watercolours. Since then, their now legendary company continues to manufacture professional watercolour according to the founder’s unparalleled high standards.

The Art Shop Skipton has supplied customers with Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolours since we opened our doors over 25 years ago. Today, we continue to do so, stocking their ever expanding range of bright, vibrant colours that always give an unrivaled performance.

The Finest Materials

As you might know, the colour in watercolour paints are made from pigments, but did you know that not all watercolour ranges are created the same? Some paint ranges use synthetic approximations of pigments or only use a small percentage of the real thing.

This is done for various reasons, for example, to make the paints more affordable for the student, artist on a budget or for using during idea generation and rough sketches. This of course serves a purpose; but watercolour, more than any other painting medium, relies upon the characteristics of these pigments and the quality often suffers as a result.

Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolours on the other hand make no such compromises with their pigment quality. Their Professional Watercolour range uses only the finest pigments and are known for their brilliance, permanence and strength of colour. 

With this range you can rest assured that you are getting an unparalleled high standard of colour that has been carefully selected and formulated to offer artists the best possible results. 


Quality That Lasts

With the high grade of pigment found in Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolours it probably comes as no surprise that these paints last the test of time. Almost all of the colours in the range are rated A or AA for permanence.

In other words, after stringent testing, their resistance to change when exposed to light and the atmosphere has been classed as “Permanent” or “Extremely Permanent”, the highest that can be found! This ensures that the colours used today will appear just as fabulous for generations to come.



A sense of transparency is very important when it comes to achieving that quintessential watercolour effect. 

But transparency should not mean insipid or bland. In thin washes, when using these high quality watercolours, the colour is present but the reflective white of the paper can still be seen.

The Professional Watercolour range from Winsor and Newton ensures that every wash remains vibrant and luminescent; something rarely found in more mediocre watercolour paint ranges.

The way in which pigment is dispersed during manufacture is vital in producing fantastic transparency. Winsor and Newton achieve optimal pigment dispersion by only using the most superior production methods and formulations. This means the colours always provide brilliance, clean mixing and most importantly look amazing! 


An Extensive Range

With 108 colours to choose from, artists are sure to find the perfect tones they need in the Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolour range. With 79 single pigment colours, these paints offer one the most extensive ranges of both modern and traditional premium pigments on the market.

These fantastic paints come in two different formats, pans and tubes.



When working quickly or outside pans are a great option. They are portable and they air dry easily, so there is no need to dispose of any unused paint. You can lift colour simply with a wet brush, are easy to pack away and are perfectly suited for the mobile artist on the go.



If you are thinking of working on a larger scale, tubes are an invaluable way of helping you work. You can squeeze out large quantities all in one go to cover larger areas with ease. Because of this they are especially useful when working with a restricted palette. Tubes are a little less portable than their pan siblings, due to a slightly longer pack up time, but they are ideal for the studio or a more prolonged set up. Tubes are avaliable in both 5ml and the larger 14ml sizes.


Trusted By Generations Of Artists

Winsor and Newton are an institution. You can almost be certain that icons such as Turner (a good friend of William Winsor) to art school students and life long artists alike will have had the pleasure of using Winsor and Newton watercolours at some point. Their Professional Watercolour Range are the precedent of quality that all other watercolours measure themselves against.

And here at The Art Shop Skipton we are proud to stock such a iconic range, helping to supply today’s artist with their very own Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolours. We stock the full range of colours in both the half pans, 5ml and 14ml tubes and they are all available from The Art Shop Skipton now.

Click on the link below to explore the full range and join the long line of artists that have trusted in the unparalleled quality and heritage of Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolours.


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