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From drawing to calligraphy and lettering, ink is a powerful tool for any artist.

For use with a dip pen, airbrush or a brush, we stock a host of fast drying, high quality inks from the best brands.

Inks are a versatile medium, allowing simple colour mixing, dilution and provide striking colour clarity when used directly from the pot.

We stock recognisable inks from brands well known for their quality and professional finish, including Winsor & Newton, Sennelier, Pebeo, Daler Rowney and Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay Inks.

Artist Inks

"As an illustrator you must develop an ability to capture the balance between what you've seen and what you imagine."

Quentin Blake

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  • Amsterdam Acrylic Ink 30ml

    Amsterdam Acrylic Ink is available in 46 brilliant colours, including Metallic and Fluorescent ("Reflex") shades. All colours are highly pigmented and are extremely lightfast. The ink is based on an acrylic resin and is waterproof when dry.

    Apply by brush, technical pen, dip pen or airbrush. Can also be dripped on to your surface straight from the dropper in the bottle lid. As they are water-based, you can mix the ink with water or apply a wet sponge or brush to the ink while wet on your surface for different techniques. Because of the wide opening you can work straight out of the bottle with a brush or dip pen. 

    Suitable for use on canvas, card, wood and paper, or any surface suitable for wet media.

    Acrylic inks can be used on their own for pen and ink art illustrations or for calligraphy, or as a smooth, ultra-flat additional to your acrylic paintings, when used with acrylic paints, sprays or acrylic auxiliaries. The broad base of the bottle makes it extremly stable. 


    Price From: Regular Price: £6.25 (save 32%) Special Price £4.25
  • Daler Rowney FW Artists Acrylic Inks 29.5ml

    Daler Rowney FW Artists' Acrylic Ink is an acrylic-based, pigmented, water-resistant ink (on most surfaces) in a range of 38 colours, all of which have either a 3 or 4 star rating for permanence. Such a high degree of lightfastness over such a range of fully intermixable colours makes them ideal for use by artists in the production of pictures for permanent display.

    Equally, however, colours can be substantially diluted to achieve the most subtle of tones, very similar in character to watercolour. Such washes will dry to a water-resistant film on virtually all surfaces and successive layers of colour can be laid over. FW Artists’ Inks work well through airbrushes and technical pens.

    29.5ml bottles.

  • Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylic Ink 29.5ml

    Daler Rowney System 3 acrylic colours are highly versatile, water-based, durable and offer an excellent painting experience at an economical price.

    As well as the standard firm acrylic colours well known from System 3, System 3 Acrylic is also available as pigment-based acrylic opaque ink. This allows a fast drying, free-flowing colour that applies smoothly and evenly, and dries to a satin finish. System 3 Acrylic Ink can be applied with a brush, a pen or an airbrush. Colours can be mixed and diluted. Colours are lightfast, with the exception of fluorescent colours.

    Suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including textiles (permanent when hot fixed). 

    Available in 28 colours.

    Regular Price: £5.95 (save 20%) Special Price £4.75
  • Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay India Ink 30ml

    Bombay India Ink is an opaque, light-fast waterproof ink suitable for calligraphy, pen & wash and brush work.

    Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay India Inks offer powerful colour in a convenient dropper-stopper glass bottle. These highly pigmented India inks not only remain lightfast and permanent, but are also totally waterproof when dry. They adhere to nearly all surfaces and are non-clogging when used in pens. Inks can be diluted with water and used with brushes in traditional watercolour techniques or in dip pens, technical drawing pens, and airbrushes. All colours are brilliant and transparent, except black and white, which are opaque and have excellent covering power.

    24 colours available.

    Regular Price: £4.50 (save 22%) Special Price £3.50
  • Manuscript Acrylic Artists Ink 30ml

    This acrylic-based ink from Manuscript is high pigmented, water-resistant (on most surfaces) and available in a wide range of colours, including metallic.

    Manuscript inks can be diluted to achieve colour washes like watercolour, that dry to a water-resistant film on virtually all surfaces. Colours can be laid over the top of dried colour or mixed together to achieve new shades. Can be applied by brush, technical pen, dip pen or airbrushes.

    Ideal for a variety of uses, including calligraphy, graphic arts and illustration.

    30ml bottles.

  • Pebeo Artist Acrylic Liquid Ink 45ml

    Pebeo Artist Acrylics Liquid Ink has been specially designed for airbrush work and for use with graphic instruments. It is an ink made from acrylic pigments and is very easy to use. Surprising fluidity and dispersion of the pigments assures ease of use and precision whichever tool is used.

    45ml bottles with dropper lid. 

    Regular Price: £4.50 (save 34%) Special Price £2.99
  • Pebeo Colorex Watercolour Ink 45ml

    Colorex from Pebeo is the preferred watercolour ink for graphic artists, illustrators, comic book artists and designers. 

    Colorex is a highly concentrated dye-based ink which can be applied direct from the bottle for bold and vivid colour, or diluted with water for beautiful, transparent watercolour washes. Colours can can mixed together or diluted as much as required to achieve the desired intensity and opacity. Opaque and metalllic colours are best used neat, but can be mixed with transparent colours.

    Colorex can be applied with a brush, dip pen or airbrush and can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including heavy weight cartridge paper, watercolour paper, bristol board and canvas board. 

    Dries in a couple of minutes, with a velvety finish. Like all inks, Colorex is sensitive to UV rays. For masking work, try using with Pebeo Drawing Gum.

    Available in 60 colours. Refer to the colour chart in the Media tab for colour specific information such as opacity and delibility. 

    45ml bottles with dropper top.

    Regular Price: £4.55 (save 28%) Special Price £3.29
  • Pebeo DecoCraft 45ml Bottle for Art & Craft

    DecoCraft ink is ideal for art journaling, art therapy and card making, but also for working on wood and canvas. In particular, it has a stain effect when applied in a thin coat on wood.Once dry, DecoCraft can be worked in overlays. Bright, even when diluted, DecoCraft colours can be mixed with water according to the desired intensity. When applied thickly, it has an ultra-matt velvet effect (except metal colours). DecoCraft has an extreme matt patina on embossed metal. When applied to other dry colors, silver and gold colours lend a metallic coating.

    DecoCraft comprises 17 colours with an optical velvet effect and 2 metallic effect colours (gold and silver). Good lightfastness. Colours can be mixed or diluted with water.

    Regular Price: £3.15 (save 37%) Special Price £2.00
  • Sennelier Drawing Ink 30ml

    A traditional, high quality shellac based drawing ink from Sennelier. Extremely rich, these inks are manufactured with shellac gum giving (to each shade) unique brilliance, brightness and vibration under light. They can be applied with a brush or ink pen and give a satin to brilliant film depending on thickness.

    They dry rapidly and display a high degree of water resistance, without being indelible. Suitable for drawing, calligraphy, washes, for textile creations and materials research. They can be protected with a pencil fixative in order to increase their light stability.

    30ml bottles with dropper lids. Available in 30 colours, plus 1 Indian Ink (Black).

    Price From: Regular Price: £5.50 (save 43%) Special Price £3.15
  • Talens Ecoline Liquid Watercolour 30ml

    Ecoline is a non-waterproof ink and is available in a wide range of transparent, easily mixed colours. Just like watercolour painting, Ecoline can be worked further by rewetting, and has a short drying time. 

    Whether this involves artistic impressions, product design, illustrations, fashion design, calligraphy or children's drawings, the brilliant colours of this liquid watercolour paint brush every piece of art to life.

    Pure formula based on dyes and Gum Arabic, for bright and brilliant colour. As dye-based colour is fugitive, Ecoline is best suited for designs, works intended to be reproduced in print or else protected with UV varnish after drying.

    Suitable for watercolour paper, drawing paper and board, and other similar watercolour surfaces.

    Available in 60 colours.

    30ml bottles with pipettes.

    Regular Price: £4.25 (save 39%) Special Price £2.60
  • Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Ink 30ml

    Winsor & Newton's range of calligraphy inks have 18 brilliant and lightfast colours.

    Brilliant Colours: The inks have been formulated with carefully chosen pigments to ensure maximum colour brilliance. Single pigments have been used where possible to enable clean colour mixes.

    Versatility for Pen or Brush: 14 colours (blue capped bottles) are suitable for dip pens, fountain pens, technical pens and airbrushes. These colours are transparent, thinner in formulation, fully intermixable and have a satin finish. Four colours (red capped bottles) are thicker, opaque and should be used with a dip pen or brush; this also applies to any mixtures using these colours. The black and white inks have a matt finish.

    Permanence: Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Inks have a permanence rating of AA or A, but are not waterproof.

    Flow: The Inks are non-clogging and have good flow characteristics when used in fountain or dip pens. We recommend that you test the inks with your chosen pen to ensure optimum performance.

    30ml pots. 

    Regular Price: £5.10 (save 24%) Special Price £3.90
  • Winsor & Newton Drawing Ink 14ml

    Fast drying, water resistant and transparent drawing inks from Winsor & Newton, favoured by designers, calligraphers, artists and illustrators.

    Drawing inks can be applied with a brush, dip pen or airbrush. The 26 colours include Liquid Indian Ink (which is non-waterproof); a water based solution of traditional Chinese stick ink. This is the standard lettering ink used by calligraphers.

    Formulated from a series of soluble dyes in a shellac solution, our drawing inks offer unrivaled strength and colour brilliance. The drawing inks allow overlaying of different colours for attractive colour mixes. All the colours are water resistant except Liquid Indian Ink, Gold and Silver.

    All colours are intermixable. Gold and Silver should be added to other inks in small quantities to avoid thickening. Mixtures of Gold and Silver should not be stored together due to adverse chemical reaction.

    14ml bottles. 26 colours.

    Regular Price: £3.95 (save 35%) Special Price £2.55