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Get everything you need to create vibrant, colourful or atmospheric pieces of artwork with our range of pastels, graphite and charcoal.

Our diverse range of pastels provides fresh textures, rich tones and subtle gradients across the whole colour spectrum.

We stock soft pastels, graphite and charcoal from high quality brands like Unison Colour, Conte, Koh-I-Noor, Pebeo and Derwent. We stock also stock oil pastels from brands including Sennelier, Daler Rowney and Pebeo.

Our charcoal allows you to work quickly to create effortlessly strong lines and impactful shading. We stock a wide range of Derwent charcoals, including their dependable Willow Charcoal line.

If you’re working in pastel or charcoal, be sure to pick up an accompanying fixative to keep your work in pristine condition.

Pastels, Graphite & Charcoal

"As an illustrator you must develop an ability to capture the balance between what you've seen and what you imagine."

Quentin Blake

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  • Derwent Inktense Blocks

    Derwent Inktense Blocks give all the brilliance of Inktense pencils but in a chunky block making it easy to cover large areas really quickly. Just like the pencils you can use the blocks dry but they come into their own when you mix them with water and the colour turns into vibrant ink. Once dry the colour is permanent and you can work over the top of it, also ideal for use on silk and cotton. 

    • Easy to blend colours, can be mixed and layered to create an infinite range of hues and tints.
    • Firm consistent texture produces minimal dusting.
    • Square shape is ideal for both fine and detail and broad, expressive strokes.
    • So versatile they can be used wet or dry, or mixed with other media.
    Regular Price: £2.19 (save 27%) Special Price £1.60
  • Inscribe Mungyo Soft Greytones Pastel Set

    12 square soft grey tone pastels. The grey tone pastels are ideal for creating tones and shade in a gradient that provides plenty of tonal variation. The square shape makes them ideal for both block colouring and detailed work. Extremely soft and smooth to use, adhering well especially to textured card and paper.

    Highly pigmented. Each pastel measures approx 80 x 8mm.

    Presented in plastic tray lined card box.

    Regular Price: £8.90 (save 33%) Special Price £5.95
  • Koh-I-Noor Toison D'or Individual Artists Soft Pastels

    Made from high quality ingredients to produce a pastel that is rich in colour and smooth and consistent to work with, Toison D'or from Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth also offers a wide spectrum of 120 colours. The quality and blend of the pigments and binding agents ensure durability of the pastel and the artworks.

    The Toison D'or pastel has low adhesion, allowing colour blends and tonal work - when finished, prevent smudging and blurring with a spray fixative.

    Dimensions: Approx 7.5cm in length and 1cm in diameter.

    Non toxic.

  • Unison Colour Single Soft Pastels

    Unison Colour, based in the Northumberland National Park, produce high quality hand made soft pastels which are second to none in their subtlety and intensity of colour, their fluency and responsiveness to touch and in their delicacy and robustness, Unison Colour Soft Pastels aspire to perfection.

    Despite manufacturing over half a million individual sticks a year the pastels are still completely hand made and retain all the qualities of the originals. They are mixed on meticulous recipes and are based on traditional pigments such as cadmiums, cobalts and natural and synthetic earths.

    The difference in the manufacturing process, hand rolling rather than extrusion, gives Unison Colour Soft Pastels a unique texture, delivering a consistency of response across the colour spectrum that is unmatched and that is loved by artists.

    There are nearly 400 colours ranging from subtle greys and earth colours to brilliant reds, blues, greens and yellows.

    Each pastel measures approximately 5 x 1.1 x 1.1 cm and is circular shaped.

    Regular Price: £4.37 (save 21%) Special Price £3.45