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Put yourself in the picture.

We stock everything you’ll need to produce dazzling illustrations and artwork.

Bring out the best in your drawing with our range of pencils, colouring pencils, pastels, graphite and charcoal from respected brands like Derwent, Pebeo, Daler Rowney and Sennelier.

Want something a little more permanent? Get your ideas flowing with our incredible range of drawing pens, inks, markers and professional-standard pads and drawing paper.

Drawing supplies

"As an illustrator you must develop an ability to capture the balance between what you've seen and what you imagine."

Quentin Blake

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  • Art & Crafts MDF Drawing Board Lightweight & Portable A3 Size

    Simple yet effective, these economical MDF boards are ideal for use as a drawing board or for stretching paper (after sealing).

    Hold paper in place with use of tape or drawing board clips. 

    Supports up to A3 sized paper.

    Board measures 42 x 32cm and is 6mm thick.

  • Art Handbooks Basic Drawing

    Richard Box explores drawing line, tone and colour with numerous step-by-step illustrations and finished drawings. He covers drawing media such as graphite, Pierre Noire, carbon, white, sanguine, sepia and coloured pencils, pastels, conte crayons and charcoal. There is plenty of information on making marks, tonal values, texture and composition, and there are step by step demonstrations in graphite pencil, charcoal and chalk, coloured pencils and pastels and Conte crayons.

  • Art Handbooks Paint with Pastels

    Pick up a pastel - and start painting! Peter Coombs shows how easy it is using over 75 step-by-step photographs and a variety of inspirational pictures.

    Pastels are fun, versatile and easy to use. Strokes and squiggles of colour can be blended to create beautiful skies, waterscapes and landscapes, and details can be added easily using broad and thin lines. By merging and overlaying colours you can create soft velvety tones, rich textured or subtle effects, atmosphere, light and movement. This invaluable guide takes you through all the stages of creating a painting, from simple strokes and blending techniques to creating perspective and atmosphere. Four easy-to-follow practical demonstrations help you gain confidence and build up skills, illustrating all the techniques you need to know...so pick up your pastels and paint!

  • Art Handbooks Painting with Acrylics

    Wendy Jelbert has written a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to creating beautiful pictures in acrylics, covering all the basic techniques and more.

    Acrylics are versatile and can be used in many different ways; they also have unique qualities and can be painted on to canvas, paper, wood or board. Using a sequence of inspirational pictures and specially commissioned step-by-step photographs, Wendy Jelbert shows how to use this medium to create pure acrylic, scumbling and impasto effects, blended washes, glazes of colour and more. She takes you through all the stages of creating a painting, from the basic brushwork to final details, illustrating how to capture light and shade, tone and form. Whatever your skill level, you will be able to develop your own style and techniques with this invaluable guide.

  • Art Handbooks Painting with Water Colours

    Learn how to capture the beauty, luminosity and sheer beauty of watercolours with this easy-to-follow step-by-step guide.

    William Newton provides an inspirational and practical guide to painting beautiful watercolours and shows how to capture the exciting qualities of this wonderful medium. Using over 60 step-by-step photographs he illustrates all the basic techniques, explaining how to create transparent washes, luminous colours, light, shade and atmosphere. The book takes you through all the stages of painting a picture, from simple brush strokes to final details. Whatever your skill level you will be able to develop your own style using the demonstrations and exercises featured in these pages.

  • Art Handbooks Perspective

    Renowned artist, Ray Campbell Smith has written an excellent introduction to perspective that will be invaluable for all artists. Beginning with basic perspective, he covers the eye level line, vanishing points, basic constructions and shadows. We then progress to elipses, curves and curvilinear objects such as boats, with plenty of advice on how to simplify difficult shapes. The section on reflections will be invaluable to landscape artists. There is then a section on aerial perspective, detailing the use of tone and colour to create depths in a painting. The final section on stretching the rules shows how unconventional perspective can produce dramatic compositions. There are exercises along the way to help artists to improve their accuracy, and plenty of painted and drawn examples. Beginners to drawing and painting will find this an essential introduction, and more experienced artists will learn many tips and techniques to improve their drawing and paintings skills.

  • Assorted Colour Card Sheets A4 (Pack of 30)

    160gsm weight card suitable for a wide range of art & craft, projects. Sold in packs containing 5 pretty pastel tones (6 of each colour per pack).

    Pack of 30 sheets.

    A4 (21.0 x 29.7cm, 8.27 x 11.69 inches).

  • Black Cover Hardback Sketch Book A5

    A casebound sketch pad protected with a hardback cover.

    Contains 100 sheets of 110gsm off-white paper, suitable for drawing in pencil, pen and ink.

    A5 size (148 × 210 millimeters / 5.83 × 8.27 inches).

  • The Art Shop Skipton Case Bound Hardback Pocket Sketch Book A6 I Paper I Art Supplies

    A casebound sketch pad protected with a canvas-grained hardback black cover.

    Contains 100 sheets of 110gsm off-white paper, suitable for drawing in pencil, pen and ink.

     A6 size (105 x 148 mm /. 4.1 x 5.8 in).

  • Canvas Pencil Wrap with Colouring Pencils & Accessories I Pencils I Art Supplies

    A handy canvas wrap filled with an assortment of sketching pencils, colouring pencils and drawing accessories. A smart addition to any school bag and also ideal for the hobby sketcher or colouring book fan.

    Includes 24 colour pencils, 8 sketching pencils (2 x HB, 2 x 2B, 2 x 4B, 2 x 6B), a double barrel sharpener, 1 firm eraser and a 10cm plastic ruler.

    The wrap extends to 48cm when open and fastens down to a compact 7cm roll.

    Secures with a metal press stud.

  • Coloured Card 270gsm A4

    The pastel paper made by Hahnem

  • J Herbin Calligraphy Felt Tip Marker Pen Set of 3

    An ideal felt-tip pen for downstrokes and upstrokes. Practical and easy to use for writing Latin Calligraphy!

    Suitable for both left and right-handed users.

    This set contains 3 pens of assorted nib sizes – B/3,6, M/2,5 and XB/4,8.

    Black colour ink.

  • Lightweight MDF A2 Drawing Board

    Ideal for taping or fastening your paper to with clips to creates a firm working surface. Can also be used for stretching watercolour paper when using gum tape. 

    To fit A2 sized paper. 7mm thick. Made from MDF board.

  • MDF Backing Boards 2.5mm

    MDF backing boards are ideal for picture framing and artwork display mounting, but also suitable for a wide range of art and craft projects such as providing a surface to work on when drawing, cutting or modelling or to paint directly onto the surface after priming.

    These boards are 2.5mm in thickness and are available in a variety of different sizes. 


    Price From: £1.00
  • Paper Stump & Tortillion Pastel Blending Pack of 6

    An assortment of paper stumps & tortillions for blending pastels, charcoal or graphite without getting your fingers dirty and with higher control and precision. Pack contains 6 sticks of assorted size.