Cobra Artist Water Mixable Oil Paint 40ml

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With Cobra Water-Mixable Oil you can paint with oil colours without having to use solvents. Painting with Cobra is the same as painting with traditional oil paint - the paint can be applied using all the usual oil paint techniques and there are no visible changes during the drying process. The colour as well as the brush stroke or applied texture remain unchanged after the paint has dried: the paint remains as it was when applied. What’s more, Cobra offers the possibility of painting using opaque as well as transparent layers.

This artist's quality oil paint comprising a comprehensive palette of 70 colours, with the highest degree of lightfastness and only the very best pigments (including highly exclusive pigments such as the cadmiums, cobalts and chromium oxides).

Colours have a uniform drying time and a uniform degree of sheen. Suitable for all oil painting techniques and for application with brushes, painting knives, rollers, sponges plus more.

The Cobra Artist's range consists of 70 colours across Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 & Series 4. 40ml tubes.

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Colour Ranges
104 Zinc White
105 Titanium White
291 Titanium Buff
Out of Stock
207 Cadmium Yellow Lemon
275 Primary Yellow
271 Cadmium Yellow Medium
244 Indian Yellow
222 Naples Yellow Light
223 Naples Yellow Deep
285 Permanent Yellow Deep
Out of Stock
210 Cadmium Yellow Deep
211 Cadmium Orange
266 Permanent Orange
224 Naples Yellow Red
311 Vermilion
303 Cadmium Red Light
340 Pyrrole Red Light
314 Cadmium Red Medium
315 Pyrrole Red
345 Pyrrole Red Deep
306 Cadmium Red Deep
318 Carmine
389 Madder Lake
369 Primary Magenta
330 Persian Rose
567 Permanent Red Violet
536 Violet
568 Permanent Blue Violet
548 Blue Violet
562 Greyish Blue
504 Ultramarine
511 Cobalt Blue
517 King's Blue
508 Prussian Blue
534 Cerulean Blue
570 Phthalo Blue
572 Primary Cyan
522 Turquoise Blue
617 Yellowish Green
618 Permanent Green Light
Out of Stock
615 Emerald Green
675 Phthalo Green
619 Permanent Green Deep
Out of Stock
623 Sap Green
620 Olive Green
668 Chromium Oxide Green
227 Yellow Ochre
234 Raw Sienna
339 Light Oxide Red
411 Burnt Sienna
378 Transparent Oxide Red
408 Raw Umber
409 Burnt Umber
403 Vandyke Brown
Out of Stock
708 Payne's Grey
701 Ivory Black
702 Lamp Black
800 Silver
Out of Stock
802 Light Gold
803 Deep Gold
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