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Pebeo Project Zone

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Get Crafty with Pebeo!

Welcome to the Pebeo Project Zone. If you are looking for inspiration for your next project then look no further! The Art Shop Skipton and Pebeo bring you a huge array of creative ideas and how-to guides that are sure to spark the inner artist in everyone.

Packed full of activities in easy to follow, printable, step by step guides, the Pebeo Project Zone helps you create beautiful art work and discover Pebeo’s innovative range of Decocraft and Mixed Media products.

The DecoCraft projects let you channel the artisan inside and help you craft and customise your own amazing objects like never before. The Mixed Media guides allow you to delve into new dimensions of texture, colour and shine and break the boundaries of traditional art techniques.

These projects are easy to follow and great fun to do on their own, plus they are sure to get the cogs turning about the endless possibilities you can go on to apply in your future work, inspiring you create something truly unique.

From baskets to bracelets, cups to canvases there is sure to be a project for everyone to explore in the Pebeo Project Zone.

Deco Craft

Basket for Keys

Learn how to create your own basket for keys in less than 30 minutes.
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Customise your very own Bell Jar in only 15 minutes, with this easy 'How To' guide.

Blue Bracelet

Get crafty and learn how to make your very own Blue Bracelet in 3 easy steps.

Blue Tinted Vase

Add a touch of blue to any vase, with this 20 minute decoration guide.

Botanical Frame

Master the art of frame making in 15 minutes, with this handy guide.

Cocktail Glass

In 3 steps, learn how to customise your own Cocktail Glass in 30 minutes.

Jungle Tapestry

Create your own jungle wall art in less than an hour.

Writing Cup

Customise your favourite mug, with this easy 15 minute guide.

Writing Frame

Make your own custom writing frame, in 6 quick steps.

Mixed Media

A Heart On A Wooden Panel

Show some love, with this 4 step guide for the perfect heart on a wooden panel.


Create your own clock canvas in no time at all, with this go to guide.

Dyna Effect & Sand Gel

As easy as 1,2,3 learn how to master the dyna effect and sand gel.

Marine Moon

In 3 steps discover how the art of Marine Moon.

Mirror Effect

In only 10 minutes, learn how to create the mirror effect.

Mixed Effects

This easy guide shows you how to experiment with Mixed Effects.

Orange Flowers

Discover how to create orange flowers, with this mixed media guide.

Red Flowers

Design your own bouquet of red flowers on canvas in 4 steps.


Discover the creative art of spirals in 30 minutes.

Tree of life

Create your own tree of life, in 5 easy steps in just an hour.

Vitrail On Studio Acrylics

In 5 steps, learn the mixed media arts of Vitrail on Studio Acrylics.