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An Artist's Guide to Buying An Easel For One-Of-A-Kind Artworks

13/06/2019 12:13

An Artist's Guide to Buying An Easel For One-Of-A-Kind Artworks

Why Invest in An Artist’s Easel?

First and foremost what is the purpose of buying an artist’s easel? Well, for one they provide key upright support during the process of painting or drawing. They’re especially convenient when working with oils or heavy body acrylic paints. They also keep precious pieces out of harm's way and stop dust from collecting on work. Some other advantages of using an easel are that they can help with your posture when working. After all, there’s nothing worse than pausing mid-paint to tend to a sore, stiff neck. They’re also the best tool around for analysing work, helping you scrutinise distance and angles. Because of this, your perspective is accurate with forms quickly taking shape.

How Much Does an Easel Cost?

How long is a piece of string is the answer when it comes to a question of cost. Because the price of easels can vary wildly and depends on what type of art you make. If you’re just starting out, a table-top easel is great for sketching and painting. For instance, here are some of the types of easels you can find at The Art Shop Skipton…

Table-Top Easels

For beginners a table-top easel is great and they don’t take up much room. So if you don’t have a studio or a designated space they can be used and then folded up. They’re also available in many forms and extremely practical, serving various purposes you might require. Take a table-top easel away if you go on holiday or use to display your work at craft shows.

Portable Sketching Easels

Portable sketching easels are a wonderfully lightweight option. They not only act as a studio workstation but they are also perfect for work on the go. This makes this easel the number one choice for artist’s who are here, there and everywhere. The Loxley Wiltshire easel, in particular, is crafted from the finest seasoned elm wood.

One For The Little’ uns

If you love to create art along with the kiddos, there are easels for mini me’s too. Many of which can be used in three different ways; a chalkboard, whiteboard and paper roll. Helping mould young artists these adjustable options even have trays for crayons and paints. They’re also great for development and encourages a more controlled pencil grip for the classroom.

Studio Easels

Studio easels are large and floor-standing to accommodate big artworks. They also come in H-frame or three legs (two at the front, one at the back) with both folding for ease of storage. The size of the studio easel you’ll need will be determined by the size of the canvas you intend to use. All, however, will certainly pack a punch, especially at open events.

If You’re Looking For Something Special

Now if you’re looking for something impactful, we have just the thing for you. The MABEF M-02 Studio Easel is the creme de la creme of art essentials. Enjoying five-star reviews and a robust design specifically made for oversized canvases, this easel also has wheels to adjust its position - an all-around winning product.

Thank you for reading this week’s post; our guide to artist’s easels. If you’re feeling inspired why not browse our range of options online? Yes, you may be surprised at the choice but hopefully, you can now make an informed decision. Because every artist needs a reliable easel - something resilient and long-lasting. Thank you for reading.

An Artist's Guide to Buying An Easel For One-Of-A-Kind Artworks.

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