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Uni-Pin Pens

12/02/2021 13:32


Essential To Artists

With so much focus often being placed on paints, pencils and brushwork the unassuming fine liner pen is often overlooked. But for those truly in the know, the value and versatility of a good fine liner is an essential part of any artists toolkit. 

A workhorse, that spans various artistic approaches. These little pens underpin so many artistic creations, and often take the lead role in many pieces of artistic expression.

And when it comes to fine liners, for millions of people the brand which springs to mind is Uni-Pin. Loved by artists, illustrators, graphic designers, architects and amateur hobbyists alike. These amazing little pens sit in a multitude of pencil cases around the globe.

Over A Century of Experience

The Uni-Pin story begins over 125 years ago in 1887, when a small company creating superior quality pens and pencils was founded in Tokyo, Japan.That company became the Uni Mitsubishi Pencil Company which, to this day is still committed to producing the highest quality drawing and writing equipment.

The Art Shop Skipton is delighted to keep supplying these amazing and adaptable pens to our customers and help their artistic ideas flourish.


Super Ink Technology

Uni-Pin is the go-to pen for countless artists and designers. So whatever your next project happens to be - an illustration, a graphic novel, calligraphic hand lettering or simply just having some fun doodling. A Uni-Pin pen is the ideal tool for you.

These outstanding value drawing and writing pens use Super Ink Technology, a pigment ink that ensures solid colour and vibrancy. Work will not fade or bleed through paper and the ink will not smudge when wet, making the Uni-Pin Pens perfect for working over watercolours.


The Right Nib For The Job

The various nib sizes available in the Uni-Pin range mean you can easily create a fantastic number of line widths. This means you can utilise your Uni-Pin pens for a huge range of techniques, such as fine line drawing, hand lettering and make it possible to create a brilliant variety of expressive tonal effects.

The nib is supported and protected by steel meaning that Uni-Pin drawing pens are long-lasting and will not be damaged from use with stencils.


Handy Step By Step Guides

If you’re looking for a fun creative project, why not give these step by step guides put together by Uni-Pin….

Zentangle Butterfly Designs

In this project you can create a series of intricate zentagle-inspired butterfly designs. This easy to follow guide will show you how to achieve different looks by using different lines and strokes. Uni-Pin even give you some free butterfly templates to use with the project. This project will not only help you create some stunning stand alone artwork, but is also great for generating ideas for your next mark making project.


Working With Watercolour

Or why not try this illustration project provided by the Uni-ball ambassador, artist Ella Johnston? Here Ella shows how the pen can produce beautiful lines and details plus its ability to overlay on watercolour. The project really makes the most of the PIN’s variation in nib sizes and is a perfect example of ways in which you can combine your Uni-Pin pens with other mediums and achieve remarkable results.


Check Out The Uni-Pin YouTube Channel

If you would like to check out even more projects, hints and tips why not a look at the Uni-Pin YouTube Channel? They have loads of fantastic videos such as the one below. Here they show you how to use your Uni-Pin pens with watercolour to create an fine elegant feather illustration.

A Brilliant Range Of Options

Sold individually or in various pack sizes to suit everyone. Whether your replacing an empty pen or just starting out. Uni-Pin pens put more creativity in your hands.

With a choice of 14 black PIN nib sizes from delicate 0.03 to a heavy 1.2, plus an expressive brush tip. The pens are available in Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey and Sepia so you can benefit from a range of exciting creative possibilities. And here at The Art Shop Skipton we stock the full Uni-Pin range, all, of course, at fantastic prices!


 Loved By Millions

Uni-Pin pens are ubiquitous throughout the creative world, and if you have ever used them it’s easy to understand their popularity. So whether you are creating an amazing work of art, illustrating your next graphic novel or writing a beautiful calligraphed thank you note, Let Uni-Pin pens help you capture the things that matter.





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