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Winsor & Newton Promarker New Colours

09/10/2019 12:49

Introducing 12 new promarker™ colours inspired by nature, to use in all promarker™ designs

Natural colours are needed in all kinds of design including landscape and illustration and as backgrounds for all topics including comics, manga, portraits and fashion.

The 12 new colours are also available in two 6-piece sets, each containing 5 complementary shades and 1 accent colour.

Winsor & Newton promarker

promarker™ sets

Explore new palettes with a selection of vibrant and pastel tones. Carefully curated with a range of metallic and neon colours to mix and match. Use with Winsor & Newton bleedproof paper

NEW Landscape tones

Pesto, Herb Green, Saddle Brown, Praline, Champagne and Firebrick (accent colour)

NEW Skyscape tones: 

Storm Cloud, Verdigris, Cadet Blue, Cloud Blue, Pebble Blue and Pale Blossom (accent colour)

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Same great promarker™ performance - alcohol-based ink with professional quality dyes for streak-free coverage

- Translucent ink for smooth blending and easy layering into a variety of further subtle nuances
- High quality nibs for perfect control of line and ink flow
- Twin-tipped, with a broad chisel nib and a fine bullet nib

Winsor & Newton promarker


  • Transparent, alcohol-based inks for perfect blending and layering.
  • Streak-free coverage for preserved brightness and consistency. 
  • Twin-tipped nib design for exceptional versatility and ink flow.


The fine bullet nib is narrower, making it ideal for more precise detailing and line work. 

The broad nib is great for quick visuals and filling in larger areas. Using the edges of the broad nib, a variety of different stroke widths can be achieved. 

promarker™ inks are alcohol based. 

Shop the entire promarker range


promarker in more detail™ 

Blend-friendly, translucent inks in a spectrum of 160 colours chisel nib for even coverage and fine nib for details. Ideal with Winsor & Newton bleedproof paper.

Winsor & Newton promarker™ is a high-quality twin-tipped marker that makes the perfect introduction to colouring with alcohol-based markers.



Each pen has two inbuilt nibs, fine and broad. The fine bullet nib is narrower, making it ideal for more precise detailing and line work. The broad nib is great for quick visuals and filling in larger areas. Using the edges of the broad nib, a variety of different stroke widths can be achieved.

Extended colour depth

promarker™ colours have a translucent quality and can be layered to achieve varying depths and opacities. Going over the same spot creates darker tones of the same colour, enabling a versatile range of shading effects. 

High quality, dye-based colour

The colour dyes used in promarker™ ensures an even colour lay down, with outstanding vibrancy and tonal variation. Unlike ordinary felt tipped pens or low-grade markers, promarker™ colours appear perfectly even, with no streaking. 

Fully blendable

It’s possible to overlay different promarker™ colours to produce new colours, and depending on how wet the ink is, smooth transitions can be achieved. A special colourless promarker™ Blender is part of the range, which can be used to soften and merge colours together.

Wide colour range

promarker™ offers an extensive palette of 160 colours, ranging from subtle pastels through to bold vibrant hues. The colours provide for a broad range of creative applications, from design and illustration through to comic art and all kinds of craft-based activities.

Winsor & Newton promarker

Black and Blender

Create depth and shade with subtle graduations in colour work, or work in greyscale with superior translucency and layering ability.

The black and the blender are the two best-selling colours in the promarker™ range.

For the majority of marker users, these colours need to be replaced more frequently than others.

For some graphic arts professionals, such as story boarders, product designers and creative directors, they are the only colours they need 

Up until now they have only available as loose pens or included in colour sets.

Now new duo sets focussing only on black and blender colours are now available for your convenience. 

Shop Black and Blender Duo

Shop Black Duo

Winsor & Newton promarker

What’s the best paper to use with the promarker™ range? 

For the best results, use promarker™ in conjunction with Winsor & Newton Bleedproof Paper. Although lightweight at just 75 gsm, it has been specially formulated to prevent marker ink from bleeding. It’s also very white and smooth and will make your colours look rich and vibrant with high levels of contrast. When not using Bleedproof Marker Paper, it is best to use heavyweight paper or card stock with a smooth coated surface. 

Can I use promarker™ with other Winsor & Newton products? 

Yes, promarker™ has beendesigned with this in mind

How should I store my promarker™ collection? 

We recommend you always keep the cap on when not using the pens, to ensure the ink does not dry. 

Is it safe to use promarker™? 

The Winsor & Newton promarker™ range conforms to ASTM D-4236. This is the standard practice of labelling art materials for chronic health hazards. This means that all the potentially hazardous components of the art product have been clearly labelled on the product packaging.

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